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A very flexible Promotion System

18 9 月, 2012
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Your best new clients come from the friends of existing clients so why use a costly daily deal company for your promotions

We worked on this component for quite a while and finally we have launched a new version of our promotion system ! A solution, Simply Smart Promotions, that is extremely flexible, allowing you to create promotions with various purposes. You might want to introduce a new service to your clients, you might want to introduce a new service provider to your clients, you might want to get clients back who haven’t been there for a long time or you might want the friends of your active clients to come and use your services. Our promotion solution allows you to do all this by using the client target filtering in various ways.

You might now ask your self, how is a promotion where I try get old clients back that haven’t shown up for a long time different from getting the friends of my active clients to book a service ? There is of course a huge difference here in how you would create your promotion.

1. The promotion for clients that have not shown up for a long time would be created by selecting ONLY clients that have used a service/s and have not come back for some x number of days. You would filter out ONLY these clients and send them a Come back promotion and giving them a good discount on some service or even all of your services. You could base this as a flash promotion, where you would give huge discount if they would book today, and make their appointment sometimes during the next 2 weeks. All of this can be created with our promotion system, so that only the selected crowd gets a targeted message to win back clients who could otherwise been lost.

2. To make a promotion for the friends of active clients could be created in a very different way from the promotion to get old clients back. In this circumstances, you could choose to send ALL your clients that have been using your services in the last 2-4 weeks a huge promotional discount, encouraging them to give this offer to their friends, for a certain service or all services and make it bookable only on  times where there is normally low bookings. You could make the promotion limited so that only the first 20 would get this extreme discount making it important to book now because that is how it is best to make sales as the new clients feel a bit like they have won a lottery. 

The filtering technique is very  advanced and you can play your promotion  in various ways to make this profitable for you and your company while not damaging the relationship with your existing clients which is always a risk when using the daily deals companies.

So, how much does it cost to create promotions and send to clients ? That’s the best part, you only need to activate the promotional plugin and you are good to go  🙂

Read more about this booking system plugin  here

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