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The seldom we take vacation …

10 10 月, 2012
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Mike hanging around which does not happen very often !

It is not often that you don’t find our CTO, Mike,  by the computer. In fact it seems as when he leaves work, he hurries home to sit back at the computer and continue from where he was, and usually he sits there till late night. Surprisingly, he still shows up in the mornings at the office to continue. If he is sick, he specifically tries to do it on weekends or during vacations  …. so we are talking about a very dedicated, hard working and fortunately also a very smart person.

Mike preparing a photo shot but who is the guy ?

Although many would deem him as a workaholic, Mike also likes to take photographs in his free time and specifically of beautiful women. Since he also takes his photographing seriously he has become quite popular as a model photographer and has constant requests from up and coming models who would like him to help them with their photo portfolio. He normally gladly accepts the challenge and even gets paid for helping out which is the envy of a lot of men who would gladly pay to be in his shoes.

Working and taking photos is though not the only thing he does, even though many might be surprised. During summer time during weekends, you might “run” into him going down  rivers in the wild as he likes river rafting. So when he finds a bit of free time which is not often, going down a river in an absolute calm with friends is where you might find him.


Going down the river in the wildness with friends, and sleeping in tents is a good way to cool off from work.

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